Antigenic differences between the EG95-related proteins from Echinococcus granulosus G1 and G6 genotypes: implications for vaccination

Rojas, C. A. Alvarez; Gauci, C. G.; Lightowlers, M. W.


Cystic echinococcosis caused by Echinococcus granulosus remains an important and neglected issue in public health. The study of the likely efficacy of the currently available EG95 vaccine against other genotypes of the parasite is important to improve the vaccine as a potential tool to be used in control programmes. The recombinant vaccine EG95-1G1 was developed based on the G1 genotype of E. granulosus. Characterization of the eg95 gene family in the G6 genotype by genomic DNA cloning previously produced the first unequivocal information about the composition of the gene family in a different genotype. The information was used in this study to predict and express two EG95-related proteins from the G6 genotype as recombinants, for assessment of their capacity to bind antibodies raised in sheep vaccinated with the EG95-1G1 vaccine. The proteins (EG95-1G6 and EG95-5G6) from the G6 genotype of E. granulosus were unable to bind all the antibodies raised by sheep vaccinated with EG95-1G1. Differences in the amino acid sequence of EG95-related proteins from G6 and likely the differences in the encoded FnIII domain may be responsible for changes in the conformation of these epitopes.

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