Burden of care in families of patients with schizophrenia

Caqueo Urizar A.; Gutierrez-Maldonado, J


Background: Family caregivers of persons with schizophrenia and other disorders experience high levels of burden. Most studies of family burden in schizophrenia have taken place in developed countries. The current study examined family burden and its correlates in a medium income country in South America. Method: Forty-one relatives of patients with schizophrenia who were attending a public mental health outpatient service in the province of Arica, Chile, were assessed on Spanish versions of the Zarit Caregiver Burden Scale. Results: All caregivers show a very high degree of burden, especially mothers, older, with low educational level, without an employment and who are taking care of younger patients. Conclusions: As developing country, Chile has a few national social welfare and community rehabilitation programs for relatives of psychiatric patients, especially in this part of the country. This significantly influences the high level of burden experienced by these caregivers. These results suggest a close monitoring of carer's mental health and the provision of a family intervention and psycho-social support. © Springer 2006.

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