Very Low Sampling Frequency Model Predictive Control for Power Converters in the Medium and High-Power Range Applications

Rohten, Jaime A.; Munoz, Javier E.; Pulido, Esteban S.; Silva, Jose J.; Villarroel, Felipe A.; Espinoza, Jose R.


Several control strategies have been proposed with the aim to get a desired behavior in the power converter variables. The most employed control techniques are linear control, nonlinear control based on linear and nonlinear feedback, and predictive control. The controllers associated with linear and nonlinear algorithms usually have a fixed switching frequency, featuring a defined spectrum given by the pulse width modulation (PWM) or space vector modulation (SVM) time period. On the other hand, finite set model predictive control (FS-MPC) is known to present a variable switching frequency that results too high for high power applications, increasing losses, reducing the switches lifetime and, therefore, limiting its application. This paper proposes a predictive control approach using a very low sampling frequency, allowing the use of predictive control in high power applications. The proposed method is straightforward to understand, is simple to implement, and can be computed with off-the-shelf digital systems. The main advantage of the proposed control algorithm comes from the combination of the model predictive control and the SVM technique, drawing the principal benefits of both methods. The provided experimental results are satisfactory, displaying the nature of space vector-based schemes but at the same time the fast response as expected in predictive control.

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Fecha de publicación: 2021


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