Ice-templated synthesis of multifunctional three dimensional graphene/noble metal nanocomposites and their mechanical, electrical, catalytic, and electromagnetic shielding properties

Sahoo, P. K.; Aepuru, Radhamanohar; Panda, Himanshu Sekhar; Bahadur, D.


In-situ homogeneous dispersion of noble metals in three-dimensional graphene sheets is a key tactic for producing macroscopic architecture, which is desirable for practical applications, such as electromagnetic interference shielding and catalyst. We report a one-step greener approach for developing porous architecture of 3D-graphene/noble metal (Pt and Ag) nanocomposite monoliths. The resulting graphene/noble metal nanocomposites exhibit a combination of ultralow density, excellent elasticity, and good electrical conductivity. Moreover, in order to illuminate the advantages of the 3D-graphene/noble metal nanocomposites, their electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and electrocatalytic performance are further investigated. The as-synthesized 3D-graphene/noble metal nanocomposites exhibit excellent EMI shielding effectiveness when compared to bare graphene; the effectiveness has an average of 28 dB in the 8.2-12.4 GHz X-band range. In the electrooxidation of methanol, the 3D-graphene/Pt nanocomposite also exhibits significantly enhanced electrocatalytic performance and stability than compared to reduced graphene oxide/Pt and commercial Pt/C.

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Fecha de publicación: 2015


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