Transcranial Doppler as a Predictor of Ischemic Events in Vertebral Artery Dissection

Brunser, Alejandro M.; Lavados, Pablo M.; Cavada, Gabriel; Munoz-Venturelli, Paula; Olavarria, Veronica V.; Navia, Victor; Mansilla, Eloy; Diaz, Violeta


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Transcranial Doppler (TCD) helps identify patients with carotid dissections at risk of ischemic events (IEs). There is paucity of data identifying independent predictors of IE in vertebral arterial dissection (VAD). We sought to investigate the clinical and ultrasound predictors of IE. METHODS Patients with VAD admitted between June 2017 and February 2020 were evaluated clinically and with TCD; sonographic curves, microembolic signals (MES), and the breath-holding index (BHI) test were applied. Covariates found on univariate screen (P< .25) were included in a multivariable linear regression to identify independent predictors of IEs. RESULTS Of 88 patients with 100 VAD, 75 (85.2%) were females with a mean age 37.9 +/- 7.5 years. All patients received antiplatelet treatment. TCD monitoring lasted an average of 21 +/- 2.1 minutes. TCD was abnormal in 23 cases (26.1%); 21 patients had abnormal sonographic curves in the vertebral/basilar arteries, while in 4 cases, MES were present and in 5 (4.5%), BHI was abnormal. None of the patients with a normal TCD had an IE. Six strokes occurred during follow up. On univariate analysis, male sex, diabetes, dyslipidemia, a previous myocardial infarct, migraine, time of consultation to the ER, bilateral VAD, MES, BHI abnormalities, post stenotic flow in the basilar artery (PFB), and basilar/vertebral velocities were significantly associated with the risk of IEs. In the multivariate analysis, only the presence of PFB was a significant predictor of IE (OR: 68.6, 95% CI 5-937, <.001). CONCLUSIONS TCD in VAD predicts patients at high risk of IE.

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