Invasion of salmonids in the Puna and Southern Chilean Altiplano: patterns and threats to the biodiversity

Lobos, Gabriel; Saez, Paola; Villablanca, Roberto; Prado, Miguel; Cruz-Jofre, Franco; Fibla, Pablo; Mendez, Marco A.


There is scarce documentation of the presence of trout in the Puna and southern Altiplano in Chile, in spite of the risk that they represent for these ecosystems of high environmental value, which have endemic and highly threatened fish and amphibians. We report that Oncorhynchus mykiss has expanded its range to the entire Chilean Altiplano and that Salmo trutta occurs only in the extreme south of the Chilean Puna. The existence of trout culture stations is related to the presence of feral trout, which cohabit with threatened native fish and amphibians. The control of trout expansion, by protecting areas of high value for native fish and banning any future aquaculture projects in this area, are priority to avoid the invasion this species to new localities in these ecosystems. The presence of salmonids in the countries that border Chile make this a regional threat for the highlands of southern South America.

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