Multivariable Deadbeat Control of Power Electronics Converters with Fast Dynamic Response and Fixed Switching Frequency

Rohten, Jaime A.; Dewar, David N.; Zanchetta, Pericle; Formentini, Andrea; Munoz, Javier A.; Baier, Carlos R.; Silva, Jose J.


Power converters have turned into a critical and every-day solution for electric power systems. In fact, the incorporation of renewable energies has led towards the constant improvement of power converter topologies and their controls. In this context, over the last 10 years, model predictive control (MPC) is positioned as one the most studied and promising alternatives for power converter control. In voltage source inverters (VSI), MPC has only been applied in the inner current control loop, accelerating and improving its dynamic response, but as mentioned, has been limited only to the current control loop. The fastest of the MPC techniques is the Deadbeat (DB) control, and in this paper, it is proposed to employ DB control on the entire system, therefore accelerating the time response not only for the current loops, but also for voltage loops. At the same time, this avoids overshoots and overpower in order to protect the power converter, leading to the fastest dynamic response according to VSI capabilities. For renewable energies, fast-dynamics entails fast maximum power tracking and therefore, maximizes energy harvesting, or in other words, reduces the losses due to the control dynamics. Thus, this paper gives a clear procedure and key points for designing a DB control for all the variables based on a mathematical model, which is corroborated by simulations and the experimental results.

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