Optimal Route In Distribution Of Telecommunications Networks Based On Genetic Algorithm With Integer Chromosomes, A Practical Application

J.E. Medina;L. Garcia-Santander;M. Retamal;R. Figueroa


This paper presents the new method based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) to find the optimal route of the main communication line with multi-pair copper cable. The chromosomes representation used was the integer number. The objective function considered a minimization cost of generates routes keeping the minimum cost per subscriber value. The proposed method was proven with a real demand of subscribers located in a defined area using two tests, with or without Demand Factor (DF). The results obtained when applying the proposed method with or without DF allow us to conclude that the method is efficient and it gives coherent results according to the characteristics of the analyzed nets.

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Fecha de publicación: 2006
Año de Inicio/Término: 2006
Idioma: INGLES
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