Synthesis, H2PO4- and Pd2+ ion sensing and gold nanoparticle encapsulation of ferrocenyldendrimers by a green chemistry approach

Rajakumar, Perumal; Anandhan, Ramasamy; Manoj, Devaraj; Santhanalakshmi, Jayadevan


A green chemistry approach for the synthesis of three novel ferrocenyldendrimers containing a triazolyl ferrocenyl group at the periphery under microwave conditions using an ionic liquid (IL) mediated click reaction is described. The application of such ferrocenyldendrimers as sensors for H2PO4- and Pd2+ is also discussed. The ferrocenyldendrimers which are used for the synthesis of Au nanoparticles were characterized using UV-Vis, spectroscopy and high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM). From the HRTEM images it is shown that dendrimer 1 stabilizes the gold nanoparticle, whereas dendrimers 2 and 3 encapsulate the gold nanoparticle.

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