MOF-Derived Copper Nitride/Phosphide Heterostructure Coated by Multi-Doped Carbon as Electrocatalyst for Efficient Water Splitting and Neutral-pH Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

Wang, Qijun; Zhang, Zheye; Zhao, Xuezhu; Xiao, Junwu; Manoj, Devaraj; Wei, Feifei; Xiao, Fei; Wang, Hairen; Wang, Shuai


Efficient and robust electrocatalysts composed of earth-abundant elements to replace noble metals is highly essential for cost-effective production of hydrogen from water splitting. Herein, we demonstrate the fabrication of SO42- anions bridged MOF-derived Cu3N-Cu3P heterostructure coated by ultrathin N, P, S-tri-doped carbon (NPSC) on nickel foam (Cu3N-Cu3P/NPSCNWs@NF) via an interface reconstruction strategy. The first-principle simulation demonstrates that both Cu3N, Cu3P and NPSC own good electrical conductivity, suggesting these species can lead to efficient electrocatalytic performance. The remarkable features of high intrinsic conductivity and interfacial heterostructures at Cu3N-Cu3P/NPSCNWs@NF have ensured excellent water splitting electrocatalytic activity with a low potential of 1.54 V at 10 mA cm(-2) in 1 M KOH over 24 h, and additionally the resultant electrode exhibits impressive response for HER with an ultralow potential of 109 mV at 10 mA cm(-2) in neutral-pH media over 30 h.

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