Image-to-space path planning for a scara manipulator with single color camera

Reyes J., Chiang L

Keywords: Robotics, Servovisual control ,Color image feature, Manipulator path planning


This paper presents a methodology for image-to-space path planning of a SCARA manipulator with a single static color camera. The method proposes a two step algorithm for estimating object position on the image plane and then mapping into space to find required angular values of the manipulator joints. Tests were carried with a computational routine to estimate position on the image plane of a set of different fruits under natural light conditions. Finally the method was tested using a robotic arm and similarly structured objects. Hardware and software implementation of the present method is of low cost when compared to current commercial technology, and operational results are promising but dependent on environmental illumination control and camera calibration accuracy. The methodology is intended to be applied in the automatic classification of fruits.

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Título de la Revista: ROBOTICA
Volumen: 21
Fecha de publicación: 2003
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