Cultivation of Chlorella sp. Microalgae in Batch Culture: Cell Growth Kinetics

Infante, Cherlys; Angulo, Edgardo; Zárate, Ana; Florez, July Z.; Barrios, Freddy; Zapata, Cindy

Keywords: microalgae, cell growth, batch culture, chlorella sp.


Around this problem it was proposed to study the growth of Chlorella sp., a microscopic algae, widely distributed in marine waters, in order to observe their behavior in batch culture. The experimental design allowed growing the microalgae biomass by using a medium prepared with inorganic salts. Information was obtained about the reproducibility of the tests, yielding an easily spreading culture. This result in turn enables the application of microalgae to different strategies for the removal of harmful substances in ecosystems. The batch culture is suitable for obtaining biomass of Chlorella sp. a linear fit to observed growth kinetics. The results are a contribution to the research project in the field of biosorption, which is currently developed in conjunction Cartagena University and the Atlántico University (Colombia).

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