Irrigation Protocols in Different Water Availability Scenarios for 'Crimson Seedless' Table Grapes under Mediterranean Semi-Arid Conditions

Temnani, Abdelmalek; Conesa, Maria R.; Ruiz, Manuel; Lopez, Juan A.; Berrios, Pablo; Perez-Pastor, Alejandro


For three consecutive years (2015-2017), two deficit irrigation (DI) strategies were used in a 12-year old vineyard (cv. 'Crimson Seedless') to implement a sustainable irrigation protocol according to the available water for the farmer. Four different irrigation treatments were assessed: (i) Control (CTL), irrigated to satisfy the maximum crop water requirements throughout the entire growing season; two DI treatments irrigated as CTL except during post-veraison, when the vines were irrigated at 50% CTL: (ii) Regulated Deficit Irrigation (RDI); and (iii) Partial Root Drying (PRD), alternating the wet and dry sides of the root zone, and (iv) irrigated according to the criteria followed by the farmer (FARM), and conditioned by the availability of water each season. The DI strategies resulted in a 50% increase in water use efficiency in the first two years and 81% during the third year. Weekly deficit irrigation protocols are proposed, which specify a maximum difference of 0.22 MPa of midday stem water potential with respect to well-watered vines for a range of irrigation water availabilities between 4000 and 7000 m(3) ha(-1). An applied water prediction model based on the Gaussian regression using day of the year and maximum temperature of the day is also proposed.

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