Field Quality Control of Spectral Solar Irradiance Measurements by Comparison with Broadband Measurements

Marzo, Aitor; Ballestrin, Jesus; Alonso-Montesinos, Joaquin; Ferrada, Pablo; Polo, Jesus; Lopez, Gabriel; Barbero, Javier


Measurement of solar spectral irradiance is required in an increasingly wide variety of technical applications, such as atmospheric studies, health, and solar energy, among others. The solar spectral irradiance at ground level has a strong dependence on many atmospheric parameters. In addition, spectroradiometer optics and detectors have high sensitivity. Because of this, it is necessary to compare with a reference instrumentation or light source to verify the quality of measurements. A simple and realistic test for validating solar spectral irradiance measurements is presented in this study. This methodology is applicable for a specific spectral range inside the broadband range from 280 to 4000 nm under cloudless sky conditions. The method compares solar spectral irradiance measurements with both predictions of clear-sky solar spectral irradiance and measurements of broadband instruments such as pyrheliometers. For the spectral estimation, a free atmospheric transmittance simulation code with the air mass calculation as the mean parameter was used. The spectral direct normal irradiance (Gb lambda) measurements of two different spectroradiometers were tested at Plataforma Solar de Almeria, Spain. The results are presented in this article. Although only Gb lambda measurements were considered in this study, the same methodology can be applied to the other solar irradiance components.

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