Evolutionary Strategies to Characterize Arteries and Stability of Transverse Isotropy

Canales, Claudio; Rivera, Eugenio; GarcÍa, Claudio M.; Macías, Demetrio; CELENTANO , DIEGO JAVIER


In this work we study and propose ways to characterize anisotropic hyperelastic materials (arteries) in a reliable and stable way. For this purpose, a metaheuristic optimization algorithm known as evolutionary strategies is used [1]. The advantage of this algorithm, with regard to traditional methods of non-linear optimization such as levenberg-malquardt [2] is that this metaheuristic algorithm is oriented to the global optimization of a problem, is independent of gradients and allows to solve restricted problems. These characteristics are essential when characterizing hyperelastic materials that have non-linearities and are conditioned to regions of stability. To characterize the mechanical behavior of the arteries, the hyperelastic anisotropic models of Holzapfel [3] and Gasser [4] are used. An important point of analysis is that these models present a non physical behavior and this is regularized with a new criterion of stabilization in conjunction with the evolutionary strategies. Finally, the finite elements are used in conjunction with the evolutionary strategies to characterize experimental data of artery pressurization, ensuring that the parameters obtained are stable and representative.

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Fecha de publicación: 2020
Año de Inicio/Término: 10/10/2020