Evaluation of the Immune Response Induced by CoronaVac 28-Day Schedule Vaccination in a Healthy Population Group

Escobar, Alejandro; Reyes-Lopez, Felipe E.; Acevedo, Monica L.; Alonso-Palomares, Luis; Valiente-Echeverria, Fernando; Soto-Rifo, Ricardo; Portillo, Hugo; Gatica, Jimena; Flores, Ivan; Nova-Lamperti, Estefania; Barrera-Avalos, Carlos; Bono, Maria Rosa; Vargas, Leonardo; Simon, Valeska; Leiva-Salcedo, Elias; et. al.


CoronaVac vaccine from Sinovac Life Science is currently being used in several countries. In Chile, the effectiveness of preventing hospitalization is higher than 80% with a vaccination schedule. However, to date, there are no data about immune response induction or specific memory. For this reason, we recruited 15 volunteers without previous suspected/diagnosed COVID-19 and with negative PCR over time to evaluate the immune response to CoronaVac 28 and 90 days after the second immunization (dpi). The CoronaVac administration induces total and neutralizing anti-spike antibodies in all vaccinated volunteers at 28 and 90 dpi. Furthermore, using ELISpot analysis to assay cellular immune responses against SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, we found an increase in IFN-gamma- and Granzyme B-producing cells in vaccinated volunteers at 28 and 90 dpi. Together, our results indicate that CoronaVac induces a robust humoral immune response and cellular immune memory of at least 90 dpi.

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Fecha de publicación: 2022


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