Preliminary study for the detection of pig specific antibodies against peptides obtained from PRRSV envelope proteins using Dot blot assay.

Zuñíga, Roxana; Czub, M.; Waeckerlin, R.; Mansilla, Rodrigo; Camacho, Frank; Ruiz, Alvaro

Keywords: PRRSV, pigs, Dot-blot, antibodies, synthetic peptides, envelope proteins


Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) is found worldwide being responsible for one the largest economic losses in the swine industry. Currently, different immunological assays are being used to detect specific anti-PRRSV antibodies, however they have some deficiencies. As an example of this is the ELISA test that usually does not work well with small molecules because it generally absorbs peptides larger than 15-20 residues in length. This study was conducted for the detection of specific antibodies in field pig sera against PRRSV using small synthetic peptides by Dot Blot assay. Those peptides were obtained from the envelope protein GP5 of PRRSV type 1 and type 2. Each sera sample was diluted using a range from 0.000625 to 0.005. The level of concordance between the results obtained by Dot-blot and commercial ELISA for pig categories oscillated from discrete to moderate against peptides. Sows showed higher antibody titers than younger pigs towards all peptides, being more noticeable against GP5 P1.

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