Misreporting of Energy Intake Is Related to Specific Food Items in Low-Middle Income Chilean Adolescents

Martinez-Arroyo, Angela; Duarte Batista, Lais; Corvalan Aguilar, Camila; Fisberg, Regina Mara


Background: Misreporting of energy intake (EI) in self-reported dietary assessment is inevitable, and even less is known about which food items are misreported by low-middle income adolescents. We evaluated the prevalence of misreporting of energy intake and its relationship with nutrients and food intake. Methods: We analyzed 24 h dietary recalls collected from 576 adolescents (52.08% boys) from southeastern Santiago. Anthropometrics measurements and information about sociodemographic characteristics were obtained during clinical visits. The method proposed by McCrory et al. was used to identify under-reporters (UnRs), over-reporters (OvRs), or plausible reporters (PRs). Food items were collapsed into 28 categories and every food item was expressed as a percentage of total EI. Logistic regression models were performed to investigate the factors associated with misreporting, and a two-part model was used to estimate the difference in the percentage of EI between UnRs versus PRs, and OvRs versus PRs in each food item. Results: Half of the participants were classified as UnRs and 9% were OvRs. UnR was higher among boys (62%) and adolescents with overweight and obesity (72%). OvR was higher among adolescents with normal weight. UnRs had a lower intake of energy from cookies/cake, chocolate/confectionery, and a higher intake of vegetables and eggs than PRs. OvRs had a higher intake of cookies/cake, chocolate/confectionery, and a lower intake of fruit, white milk, and yogurt than PRs. Conclusions: A high frequency of UnR among boys and participants with excess weight was found in this study. Healthy and unhealthy foods are reported differently between UnRs and OvRs of energy intake, indicating that bias is specific for some food items that adolescents commonly eat.

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Título según WOS: Misreporting of Energy Intake Is Related to Specific Food Items in Low-Middle Income Chilean Adolescents
Título de la Revista: CHILDREN
Volumen: 9
Número: 2
Editorial: MDPI
Fecha de publicación: 2022


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