Effect of immersion solutions on shelf-life of minimally processed lettuce

Ihl, M; Aravena, L; Scheuermann, E; Uquiche, E; Bifani, V


Prior to detailed quality and physiology evaluations, different immersion solutions (SIs) were analysed by means of a nontrained sensory panel. Each SI (calcium chloride, pectin, potassium sorbate, garlic extract and citric acid) was analysed at three concentrations. Based on at least 70% acceptance, the best mixed SI (P 0.05) was determined to be 2 g/L citric acid, 1 g/L calcium chloride and 250 g/L garlic extract (SI). The control treatment was washed only with 0.05 g/L active chlorine. Treated lettuce was stored at 5 degrees C in darkness in sealed polypropylene bags, for 9 days. Some senescence indicators (weight loss, colour), certain enzymes related to colour (chlorophyllase and polyphenoloxidase), and a nutrient (ascorbic acid), were measured during storage. SI showed a positive effect on shelf-life of minimally processed lettuce, controlling enzymatic browning, chlorophyllase activity and weight loss. The microorganisms growth was not significantly controlled, but the fact that the organoleptic results of SI-treated lettuce showed about 80% acceptability during 9 days of storage, suggests that some slight modifications on SI could be the basis of a promising formula for minimally processed lettuce. (C) 2003 Swiss Society of Food Science and Technology. Published by Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

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