Clinical Presentation of COVID-19

Gil, Rodrigo; Bitar, Patricia; Deza, Cristian; Dreyse, Jorge; Florenzano, Matias; Ibarra, Cristian; Jorquera, Jorque; Melo, Joel; Olivi, Henry; Teresa Parada, Maria; Carlos Rodriguez, Juan; Undurraga, Alvaro


The SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus causes the COVID-19 disease, the most severe and potentially fatal manifestation of which is pneumonia. In this article, we will review the clinical manifestations of COVID-19, le pathophysiology of pneumonia, in-hospital management prior to admission to Intensive Care Units, ulmonary embolism, which is a very frequent complication of this disease, and the follow-up of patients after hospitalization. For this publication we have relied on medical publications and studies that we have one during this pandemic at our Center for Respiratory Diseases.

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