Chapter 22: Climate change and aquaculture – interactions with fisheries and agriculture.

Beveridge, M., Dabbadie, L., Soto, D., Ross, LG., Bueno, PB., Aguilar-Manjarrez, J.; Barange, M., Bahri, T., Beveridge, M.C.M., Cochrane, K.L., Funge-Smith, S., Poulain, F


This chapter addresses the question of how climate change influences the interactions of aquaculture with fisheries and agriculture. Although aquaculture has been dependent in varying degrees upon fisheries as a source of seed and feed, this dependence is steadily reducing. Reliance on wild seed carries high risks from a disease perspective and in some cases has inhibited development of productive farmed strains. Few fish farming operations today rely on wild seed or broodstock. Shrimp farming is also increasingly dependent on hatchery reared stock, while fears that climate change may reduce natural spatfall - upon which much oyster and mussel farming has been dependent - has attracted greater investment in hatcheries.

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