Creation of a micro cutting machine tool digital-twin using a cloud-based model-based PLM Platform: First results

López-Estrada, Luis; Fajardo-Pruna, Marcelo; Gualoto Condor, Santos; Ríos, José; Vizán, Antonio

Keywords: Cloud platform PLM, Digital Twin, Micro Manufacturing, Single Edge Micro-Cutting


The current work presents the first results when aiming to create a digital twin of a single edge micro cutting machine tool in a collaborative cloud-based PLM platform. As starting point, this work takes the models created during the development and design phase of the machine tool, which date back to ongoing works that started three years ago. In order to mirror the physical device in a unified platform, the different models, created using different computational applications, have to be imported into a single collaborative PLM platform (3D Experience from Dassault Systems). The goal of integrating these models into a unified cloud-based platform is to achieve an interoperable model-based digital twin. The digital twin should allow to estimate and simulate the behavior of the machine under different cutting process conditions. Ultimately, it should also allow to estimate how the machined part will be. The PLM platform is the kernel to implement a closed-loop data flow between the digital and the physical domains.

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