Design and implementation of a vision system on an innovative single point micro-machining device for tool tip localization

López-Estrada, Luis; Fajardo-Pruna, Marcelo; Sánchez-González, Lidia; Perez, Hilde; Vizán, Antonio

Keywords: Stereo vision system, Micro-machining, Single point cutting, Tool tip


This paper proposes an innovative single point cutting device that requires less maintenance than traditional micro-milling machines, being the cutting tools required simpler easier to develop. This satisfies the market demands on micro manufacturing, where devices must be more accurate and cheaper, able to create a diverse range of shapes and geometries with a high degree of accuracy. A stereo vision system has been implemented as an alternative to the current technologies in the market to locate the tool tip, and with this, make the proper corrections on the CNC machine. In this paper the development of such system is explored and discussed. Experimental results show the accuracy of the proposed system, given an error in the measurement of ± 3µm.

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