Modelling of an Intelligent Control Strategy for an Autonomous Sailboat - SenSailor

Moreno-Ortiz, Arom; Sánchez-Orozco, Daniela; López-Estrada, Luis; Tutivén, Christian; Vidal, Yolanda; Fajardo-Pruna, Marcelo

Keywords: non-linear control, Autonomous vehicles, Sailboat, model analysis


This paper studies the mathematical model required to implement an intelligent control system for the autonomous sailboat SenSailor Drone. This work presents the required equations and defines the hardware configuration and interactions between sensors and actuators in the system to be mounted. The proposed model was developed in Python, and it is feasible to interact with open source tools of machine learning. The generated trajectories will be used as input trajectories to train a Neural Network that identifies a plant model and gives an optimal controller for the desired behaviors.

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