ONT-based draft genome assembly and annotation of Alternaria atra

Bonthala, Bhawna; Small, Corinn; Lutz, Maximilian; Graf, Alexander; Krebs, Stefan; Sepulveda-Chavera, German F.; Stam, Remco


Species of Alternaria (phylum Ascomycota, family Pleosporaceae) are known as seriousplant pathogens, causing major losses on a wide range of crops. Alternaria atra (Preuss) Woudenb. &Crous (previously known as Ulocladium atrum) can grow as a saprophyte on many hosts and causesUlocladium blight on potato. It has been reported that it can also be used as a biocontrol agent againsta.o. Botrytis cinerea. Here we present a scaffold-level reference genome assembly for A. atra. Theassembly contains 43 scaffolds with a total length of 39.62 Mbp, with scaffold N50 of 3,893,166 bp,L50 of 4 and the longest 10 scaffolds containing 89.9% of the assembled data. RNA-Seq-guided, geneprediction using BRAKER resulted in 12,173 protein-coding genes with their functional annotation.This first high-quality reference genome assembly and annotation for A. atra can be used as aresource for studying evolution in the highly complicated Alternaria genus and might help understandthe mechanisms defining its role as pathogen or biocontrol agent (4) (PDF) ONT-Based Draft Genome Assembly and Annotation of Alternaria atra. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/350480201_ONT-Based_Draft_Genome_Assembly_and_Annotation_of_Alternaria_atra [accessed Jun 21 2022].

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