An approach to provide ride-through for ASD systems with supercapacitors

Palma, Leonardo; Enjeti, P; Aeloiza, E

Keywords: batteries, power electronics, circuits, capacitors, power quality, variable speed drives, Power system stability, supercapacitors, power system protection, Voltage fluctuations


Voltage sags are one of the most common occurrences in industrial power distribution systems. Although typical sags may last for 5-20 cycles and their voltage magnitude is usually lower than 20% of its rated value, this disturbance can trip the protections of an adjustable speed drive (ASD). Such nuisance tripping of a continuous industrial process can be very costly. In this paper the use of super-capacitors to provide ride-through for voltage sags and short term voltage interruptions is explored, and a compensator topology is evaluated analytically and experimentally.

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