Development of New Web-Based Materials to Teach Power Electronics Courses

Harfman-Todorovic M.; Palma, Leonardo; Enjeti, P

Keywords: Power electronics, Education, Power conversion, Circuits, Energy conversion, Electronic learning, Educational institutions, Internet, Computer aided instruction, Fuel cells


The objective of this paper is to present new Web based interactive design problems that illustrate several crucial power electronic converter circuit and energy conversion concepts. This approach utilizes the Quiz tool available within WebCT Vista [1] (, to construct interactive, design oriented problems that explore various power conversion concepts. WebCT has gained worldwide acceptance as an e-learning solution to expand the boundaries of teaching and learning. Several examples are presented that not only detail the various steps involved in deriving mathematical expressions, but also help customize design problems on WebCT server. The paper describes the steps involved in customizing quizzes, homework and exams for students and will be presented with a live demo illustrating the various advantages of the described approach. The concepts presented in the paper have general applicability and can be suitably adapted for use in various undergraduate and graduate level courses in the power conversion area.

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Fecha de publicación: 2005
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