Impacto cardiovascular secundario a la terapia para el control del cáncer

Juvenal A. Ríos; Pamela Rojo; AndréS Schuster; Juan G. Gormaz; Rodrigo Carrasco; Carolina Neira; Sergio Becerra; Tomas P. Labbé

Keywords: drug therapy, neoplasms, cardiotoxicity, anthracyclines


Cardiovascular diseases and cancer account for 27 and 25% of mortality in Chile, respectively. In the last decades, survival of people with cancer has improved due to preventive programs, early detection strategies, advances in technology and development of new antineoplastic therapies. Consequently, a progressive number of cancer-surviving patients have been generated, who may develop cardiovascular diseases, secondary to the same cancer therapy. Cardio-Oncology has emerged as the necessary link between both specialties to promote the prevention and early detection of cardiac complications, in patients undergoing oncological therapies. The aim is to curb cardiovascular complications. Also, to acquire knowledge about the mechanisms and effects of drugs that lead to heart damage aiming to develop efficient cardioprotective therapies. In this article we review and propose a didactic organization and classification of the main cardiovascular effects of cancer control therapy. We recognize that there is still a knowledge gap in basic sciences about the mechanisms that underlie these alterations.

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Título según SCIELO: Impacto cardiovascular secundario a la terapia para el control del cáncer
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Fecha de publicación: 2020
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