La implementación de la Metodología Building Information Modeling (BIM) para edificios existentes en Chile.

Soto-Munoz, Jaime; Garcia Alvarado, Rodrigo; Pulido Arcas, Jesús; Arias Aravena, Gastón

Keywords: bim, modelación, Edificios existentes, Operación: Mantención


BIM technology is currently being implemented in the construction industry, though it is still underdeveloped in relation to Facility Management (FC) of extant buildings. There is a strong potential for future development due to the visualization and data analysis capabilities of this technology, amongst others (Becerik-Gerber, Jazizadeh, Li, & Calis, 2012). This research investigates how BIM can be implemented in existing buildings currently in operation. Using a public facility at the University of Bio-Bio as a case study, conclusions are drawn with respect the capabilities of BIM in order to optimize maintenance and operation of existing buildings.

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Editorial: Blucher Design Proceedings
Fecha de publicación: 2017
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