Next generation ingredients based on winemaking by-products and an approaching to antiviral properties

Pascual, Guillermo A.; Lopez-Belchi, Maria Dolores; Vargas Concha, Marisol; MARIO ARANDA BUSTOS; Canumir, J.A.

Keywords: phenolic compounds, virus, wine waste, extraction techniques


Management of waste and use of winemaking by-products plays an important role in the development of new ingredients, especially with antiviral properties. Although the richness of bio- active compounds from wine waste is known, less is known about potential antiviral action. Bioac- tive compounds and health-enhancing effects of winery by-products make them potential candi- dates for use in antiviral ingredients. The design of new formulations by using nano-microencapsu- lation techniques will be necessary to successfully control diseases produced by viruses. Outcomes about the use of winery by-products, bioactive compounds found in winery wastes, green extraction techniques to concentrate these compounds, and development of formulations to obtain new ingre- dients were extracted from research around the world to be discussed and updated in this manu- script. The evidence collected in this review aims to encourage transfer of in vitro and in vivo knowledge to a new step for the development of antiviral and treatments.

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