The Use of the Pinnacles Desert Calibration Site for Calibration and Validation of Imaging Spectroscopy Sensors

Ong, C., Bachmann, M., Barrientos, C., Czapla-Myers, Fearns, P., Lau, I.C., Malthus, T., Thome, K. and Wenny, B.

Keywords: Validation, calibration, vicarious, spaceborne, imaging spectroscopy, RadCalNet.


Calibration and validation determine the quality and integrity of the data provided by sensors and has enormous downstream impacts on the accuracy and reliability of products generated from these sensors. Research and development has been undertaken by CSIRO to develop a vicarious calibration site at the Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia. The site will be aligned with Radiometric Calibration Network (RadCalNet) principles in response to a national need for calibration and validation of not only imaging spectroscopy sensors but optical EO sensors. This paper reports on the temporal and spectral resolution characteristics of a vicarious calibration site located in the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia, using high spectral resolution field data acquired systematically on 9 occasions over a one year period. In addition, the field data were acquired concurrent with a DESIS acquisition across the site.

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Fecha de publicación: 2019
Año de Inicio/Término: 28 Julio - 02 Agosto, 2019
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