Differential regulation of transposable elements (TEs) during the murine submandibular gland development

Valdebenito-Maturana, Braulio; Torres, Francisca; Carrasco, Monica A.; Tapia, Juan Carlos

Keywords: development, gene regulation, organogenesis, transposable elements, submandibular gland


The submandibular gland (SG) is a relatively simple organ formed by three cell types: acinar, myoepithelial, and an intricate network of duct-forming epithelial cells, that together fulfills several physiological functions from assisting food digestion to acting as an immune barrier against pathogens. Successful SG organogenesis is the product of highly controlled and orchestrated genetic and transcriptional programs. Mounting evidence links Transposable Elements (TEs), originally thought to be selfish genetic elements, to different aspects of gene regulation in mammalian development and disease. To our knowledge, the role of TEs during murine SG organogenesis has not been studied. Using novel bioinformatic tools and publicly available RNA-Seq datasets, our results indicate that a significant number of genic and intergenic TEs are differentially expressed during the SG development. Furthermore, changes in expression of specific TEs correlated with that of genes involved in cellular division and differentiation, critical aspects for SG maturation. Altogether, we propose that TEs modulate gene networks that operate during SG development.

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