Power flow algorithm for analysis of distribution networks including distributed generation,

Cortes-Carmona, Marcelo; Vega, Jorge; Cortes-Olivares, Marcelo

Keywords: Reactive power , Mathematical model , Load flow , Distributed power generation , Inverters , Photovoltaic systems


This paper presents an algorithm to solve power flows in radial distribution networks considering distributed energy sources. The developed model incorporates, specifically, photovoltaic generation sources, which are located in distributed form in the network and it can operate in different modes: constant voltage (PV), constant current and constant power factor. The developed algorithm is validated considering different test systems and their results contrasted with the traditional Newton Raphson method. The results obtained allow us to conclude that the proposed algorithm is on average 18 times faster for all the analyzed cases. On the other hand, when the number of generating sources is increased, the proposed algorithm is still faster; however, both algorithms have the same performance regarding the number of generation buses to be included, determining that the maximum number of nodes with PV sources must be less than %

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