Fire Scars: remotely sensed historical burned area and fire severity in Chile between 1984–2018

Miranda, Alejandro; Mentler, Rayen; Moletto-Lobos, Italo; Alfaro, Gabriela

Keywords: landscape, wildfire, normalized burn ratio, satellite image analysis


The Landscape Fire Scars Database for Chile makes publicly available for the first time a historical high-resolution (~30 m) burned area and fire severity product for the country. The georeferenced database is a multi-institutional effort containing information on more than 8,000 fires events between July 1984 and June 2018. Using Google Earth Engine (GEE), we reconstructed the fire scar area, perimeter, and severity for each fire. We also provide the Landsat mosaic image of pre- and post-fire events, including the NDVI and NBR indexes. In the related paper, we release the GEE code to reproduce our database or enable the international community to reconstruct another individual burned areas and fire severity data, with minimum input requirements. In the summary file is the list of reconstructed fire events. The identification number (ID) relates the initial information of the wildfires with fire scar and severity data.

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Título de la Revista: PANGAEA
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Idioma: inglés