Utilization of BIM in Steel Building Projects: A Systematic Literature Review

Avendaño, José Ignacio; Zlatanova, Sisi; Domingo, Alberto; Pérez, Pedro; Correa, Christian

Keywords: project management, building information modeling (BIM), steel project life cycle, communication in steel construction projects


This research aims to bridge the information gap pertaining to the utilization of building information modeling (BIM) in steel building projects. Therefore, a systematic literature review (SLR) was conducted to synthesize the available uses. This research involved three phases—planning, execution, and reporting—according to the PRISMA guide, which includes the main aspects of identification, screening, and eligibility. As a result of the SLR, it is evident how and where BIM facilitates steel building projects, which were grouped into three different categories according to their main BIM topics. One of the uses that stands out as a common denominator across the different processes is “early integration”. Early integration allows for optimization of the design based on existing resources, directly affecting the cost and time of steel building projects in a positive manner.

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