Integration of BIM in Steel Building Projects (BIM-DFE): A Delphi Survey

José Ignacio Avendaño; Sisi Zlatanova; Alberto Domingo; Pedro Pérez; Christian Correa

Keywords: delphi, building information modeling (BIM), steel project life cycle, integration model, steel buildings


This study aims to design a BIM integration model for steel building projects (BIM-DFE). It was developed in the following three phases: (i) theoretical phase, (ii) validation phase, and (iii) statistical analysis for the theoretical phase. A literature review was conducted to study the applications of BIM in steel building projects and to develop an integrated BIM process map for the construction lifecycle of steel buildings. Subsequently, in the validation phase, 32 participants were invited to complete a two-round Delphi questionnaire to validate the BIM-DFE proposal. The participants were classified according to their knowledge level (skilled or expert). Based on the literature review, a process map that integrates BIM in different phases of a steel building project was created. In the first round of the Delphi questionnaire for the validation phase, the various groups studied (skilled vs. expert) were in moderate agreement with the BIM-DFE proposal; however, after the second round, this agreement became better. Therefore, this study contributes to the current body of knowledge by providing a BIM integration model to improve the management of steel building projects as defined by critical stakeholders in the steel industry. In addition, a real-time case is presented to elucidate a part of the research contribution.

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