Energy Recovery Potential in Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Networks Using Micro-Hydropower in Spain

Merida Garcia, Aida; Rodriguez Diaz, Juan Antonio; Garcia Morillo, Jorge; McNabola, Aonghus


The use of micro-hydropower (MHP) for energy recovery in water distribution networks is becoming increasingly widespread. The incorporation of this technology, which offers low-cost solutions, allows for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions linked to energy consumption. In this work, the MHP energy recovery potential in Spain from all available wastewater discharges, both municipal and private industrial, was assessed, based on discharge licenses. From a total of 16,778 licenses, less than 1% of the sites presented an MHP potential higher than 2 kW, with a total power potential between 3.31 and 3.54 MW. This total was distributed between industry, fish farms and municipal wastewater treatment plants following the proportion 51-54%, 14-13% and 35-33%, respectively. The total energy production estimated reached 29 GWh center dot year(-1), from which 80% corresponded to sites with power potential over 15 kW. Energy-related industries, not included in previous investigations, amounted to 45% of the total energy potential for Spain, a finding which could greatly influence MHP potential estimates across the world. The estimated energy production represented a potential CO2 emission savings of around 11 thousand tonnes, with a corresponding reduction between Meuro 2.11 and Meuro 4.24 in the total energy consumption in the country.

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