A Novel and Adaptive Angle Diversity-Based Receiver for 6G Underground Mining VLC Systems

Palacios Jativa, Pablo; Sanchez, Ivan; Soto, Ismael; Azurdia-Meza, Cesar A.; Zabala-Blanco, David; Ijaz, Muhammad; Dehghan Firoozabadi, Ali; Plets, David


Visible light communication (VLC) is considered an enabling technology for future 6G wireless systems. Among the many applications in which VLC systems are used, one of them is harsh environments such as Underground Mining (UM) tunnels. However, these environments are subject to degrading environmental and intrinsic challenges for optical links. Therefore, current research should focus on solutions to mitigate these problems and improve the performance of Underground Mining Visible Light Communication (UM-VLC) systems. In this context, this article presents a novel solution that involves an improvement to the Angle Diversity Receivers (ADRs) based on the adaptive orientation of the Photo-Diodes (PDs) in terms of the Received Signal Strength Ratio (RSSR) scheme. Specifically, this methodology is implemented in a hemidodecahedral ADR and evaluated in a simulated UM-VLC scenario. The performance of the proposed design is evaluated using metrics such as received power, user data rate, and bit error rate (BER). Furthermore, our approach is compared with state-of-the-art ADRs implemented with fixed PDs and with the Time of Arrival (ToA) reception method. An improvement of at least 60% in terms of the analyzed metrics compared to state-of-the-art solutions is obtained. Therefore, the numerical results demonstrate that the hemidodecahedral ADR, with adaptive orientation PDs, enhances the received optical signal. Furthermore, the proposed scheme improves the performance of the UM-VLC system due to its optimum adaptive angular positioning, which is completed according to the strongest optical received signal power. By improving the performance of the UM-VLC system, this novel method contributes to further consideration of VLC systems as potential and enabling technologies for future 6G deployments.

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Fecha de publicación: 2022


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