The Correlation between Macroscopic Image and Object Properties with Bubble Size in Flotation

Vinnett, Luis; Cornejo, Ivan; Yianatos, Juan; Acuna, Claudio; Urriola, Benjamin; Guajardo, Camila; Esteban, Alex


This paper studies the correlation between different macroscopic features of image regions and object properties with the Sauter diameter (D-32) of bubble size in flotation. Bubbles were sampled from the collection zone of a two-dimensional flotation cell using a McGill Bubble Size Analyzer, and photographed bubbles were processed using image analysis. The Sauter mean diameters were obtained under different experimental conditions using a semiautomated methodology, in which non-identifiable bubbles were manually characterized to estimate the bubble size distribution. For the same processed images, different image properties from their binary representation were studied in terms of their correlation with D-32. The median and variability of the shadow percentage, aspect ratio, power spectral density, perimeter, equivalent diameters, solidity, and circularity, among other image or object properties, were studied. These properties were then related to the measured D-32 values, from which four predictors were chosen to obtain a multivariable model that adequately described the Sauter diameter. After removing abnormal gas dispersion conditions, the multivariable linear model was able to represent D-32 values (99 datasets) for superficial gas rates in the range of 0.4-2.5 cm/s, for four types of frothers and surfactant concentrations ranging from 0 to 32 ppm. The model was tested with 72 independent datasets, showing the generalizability of the results. Thus, the approach proved to be applicable at the laboratory scale for D-32 = 1.3-6.7 mm.

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Fecha de publicación: 2022


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