Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Is Associated with Kidney Glomerular Hyperfiltration in Adults with Metabolic Syndrome

Abbate, Manuela; Mascaro, Catalina M.; Montemayor, Sofia; Casares, Miguel; Gomez, Cristina; Ugarriza, Lucia; Tejada, Silvia; Abete, Itziar; Zulet, Maria Angeles; Sureda, Antoni; Martinez, J. Alfredo; Tur, Josep A.


Background: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a risk factor for the development of chronic kidney disease (CKD), which is early marked by kidney glomerular hyperfiltration. However, the association of NAFLD with kidney glomerular hyperfiltration has not been tested so far in adults with metabolic syndrome (MetS). Aims: To assess the relationship between NAFLD and kidney glomerular hyperfiltration in adults with MetS. Methods: The study included 154 participants aged 40-60 years with MetS and NAFLD diagnosed by ultrasound. NAFLD was confirmed by MRI in 109 subjects. Participants underwent anthropometric measurements, and biochemistry testing. Estimated GFR (eGFR) was calculated using the CKD-Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI) formula; hyperfiltration was defined as eGFR >= 120 mL/min. Results: Participants with MRI-proven NAFLD showed a worse metabolic profile and higher levels of eGFR than those with no NAFLD. Presence of NAFLD and increased weight were independently associated with an increased probability of presenting hyperfiltration. Conclusions: The present study shows an association between kidney glomerular hyperfiltration and NAFLD in adults with MetS. Establishing an association between NAFLD and kidney glomerular hyperfiltration would help to earlier identify those patients at increased risk of CKD, who would benefit from an early intervention.

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Volumen: 10
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Editorial: MDPI
Fecha de publicación: 2021


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