Síntesis y caracterización de materiales organometálicos soportados sobre zeolitas sintéticas con efecto biocida

Jaramillo, Andres F.; Huenuvil Pacheco, Isaías E.; Sánchez, Marcelo A.; Abreu, Norberto J.; Becker, Daniel F.; Tuninetti, Víctor A.; Melendrez, Manuel F.

Keywords: capsaicina, Zeolita ZSM-5, nanopartículas de cobre, biocida órgano-metálico


In order to prevent the accumulation of biotic deposits on submerged surfaces, antifouling coatings containing biocide agents can be used; however several commercial biocides could imply negative effects on the ecosystem. In the present research, the study of a potential biocide product through the use of copper and capsaicin nanoparticles supported on zeolite ZSM-5 is presented. For such purpose, different formulations were analyzed to determine the influence of each component concentration. The incorporation of copper was evidenced by scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive spectroscopy; similarly, capsaicin was verified as supported over the zeolite surface by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. Meanwhile, capsaicin presence over the external zeolite surface was also detected with a significant lowering of the material surface area. Finally, bacterial growth inhibition analysis depicted that the copper nanoparticles inhibit the growth of e-coli bacteria while the organic component acts as a reinforcing biocide.

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Editorial: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Fecha de publicación: 2022
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