Subsurface Insights of the Maricunga Gold Belt through Local Earthquake Tomography

Bugueño, F.; Calle-Gardella, D.; Comte, D.; Reyes-Wagner, V.; Ojeda, M.; Rietbrock, A.; Roecker, S.

Keywords: maricunga belt, porphyry, gold deposits, Metallogenic belt, mining exploration, local seismic tomography


With the advancement of the use of geophysical methods in mining exploration, the possibility of restudying known mineral deposits that could have greater potential than that previously estimated is opening up, as is the case in the Maricunga Belt (MB), which is a metallogenic belt located east of Copiapó, Chile, with a length of 200 km and oriented in the NNE-SSW direction. This belt hosts significant gold deposits classified as porphyry gold (-copper), epithermal gold (-silver) of a high sulphidation type, and transitional gold, in some districts. In this work we studied the characteristics of the MB through local earthquake tomography (LET), which revealed a clear spatial correlation between low Vp/Vs anomalies and the gold deposits, demonstrating that lithologic interpretation using Vp and Vs values of the seismic tomography makes sense for the most common rocks associated with the genesis of porphyry-type deposits. Furthermore, high Vp/Vs anomalies were correlated to the main regional faults around the study zone, which seem to have a robust structural control regarding the location of the deposits.

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Título de la Revista: MINERALS
Volumen: 12
Editorial: MDPI
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Idioma: Inglés
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