Risk Factors for One-Year Mortality in Hospitalized Adults with Severe COVID-19

Nunez-Cortes, Rodrigo; Lopez-Bueno, Ruben; Torres-Castro, Rodrigo; Soto-Carmona, Camilo; Ortega-Palavecinos, Maritza; Perez-Alenda, Sofia; Solis-Navarro, Lilian; Diaz-Cambronero, Oscar; Martinez-Arnau, Francisco M.; Calatayud, Joaquin


As the body's immunity declines with age, elderly-hospitalized patients due to COVID-19 might be at higher mortality risk. Therefore, the aim of this prospective study was to examine the possible risk factors (demographic, social or comorbidities) most associated with mortality one-year after diagnosis of COVID-19. Routine data were collected from a cohort of hospitalized adults with severe COVID-19. The primary endpoint was mortality at one-year after diagnosis of COVID-19. We used a Cox proportional hazard model to estimate the hazard ratios (HRs) for both all-cause and specific cardiorespiratory mortality. A fully adjusted model included sex, socioeconomic status, institutionalization status, disability, smoking habit, and comorbidities as confounders. A total of 368 severe cases hospitalized on average 67.3 +/- 15.9 years old were included. Participants aged >= 71 years had significantly higher HRs for all- cause mortality (adjusted HRs = 2.86, 95%CI: 2.01-4.07) and cardiorespiratory mortality (adjusted HRs = 2.86, 95%CI: 1.99-4.12). The association between age and mortality after diagnosis of COVID-19 due to both all-causes and cardiorespiratory mortality showed a consistent dose-response fashion. Institutionalization, disability, and socioeconomic status also showed a significant association with mortality. In conclusion, aging itself was the most important risk factor associated with mortality one year after diagnosis of COVID-19. People with disabilities, institutionalized or low socioeconomic status are significantly more likely to die after COVID-19.

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