Assessment of Web Panel Zone in Built-up Box Columns Subjected to Bidirectional Cyclic Loads

Mata, Ramon; Nunez, Eduardo; Sanhueza, Frank; Maureira, Nelson; Roco, Angel


The behavior of the web panel zone has a direct effect on the cyclic performance of steel moment connections. While the mechanisms of web panel zone failure are known under cyclic load, little is known about the behavior of the web panel zone under bidirectional loads in bolted connections. Using experimental tests and calibrated numerical models, this research evaluated the web panel zone behavior under unidirectional and bidirectional cyclic loads. The results showed that bidirectional load can modify the stress and strain distribution in the web panel zone. Moreover, the increasing of the width-to-thickness ratio of the column influences the failure mechanism of the joint configuration and increases the plastic incursion in the column. These data demonstrate that bidirectional effects improve the web panel zone performance under cyclic loads.

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Fecha de publicación: 2023


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