Metabolomic and biochemical analysis of mesocarp tissues from table grape berries with contrasting firmness reveals cell wall modifications associated to harvest and cold storage

Balic, Ivan; Olmedo, Patricio; Zepeda, Baltasar; Rojas, Barbara; Ejsmentewicz, Troy; Barros, Miriam; Aguayo, Daniel; Moreno, Adrian A.; Pedreschi, Romina; Meneses, Claudio; Campos-Vargas, Reinaldo


Tissue texture influences the grape berry consumers acceptance. We studied the biological differences between the inner and outer mesocarp tissues in hard and soft berries of table grapes cv NN107. Texture analysis revealed lower levels of firmness in the inner mesocarp as compared with the outer tissue. HPAEC-PAD analysis showed an increased abundance of cell wall monosaccharides in the inner mesocarp of harder berries at harvest. Immunohistochemical analysis displayed differences in homogalacturonan methylesterification and cell wall calcium between soft and hard berries. This last finding correlated with a differential abundance of calcium measured in the alcohol-insoluble residues (AIR) of the inner tissue of the hard berries. Analysis of abundance of polar metabolites suggested changes in cell wall carbon supply precursors, providing new clues in the identification of the biochemical factors that define the texture of the mesocarp of grape berries.

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Título de la Revista: FOOD CHEMISTRY
Volumen: 389
Editorial: Elsevier
Fecha de publicación: 2022


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