Effect of solution annealing temperature on the localised corrosion behaviour of a modified super austenitic steel produced in an open-air atmosphere

Ramirez, Jesus.; Berrio, E.; Alvarado-Avila, Maria Isabel; Field, D.; Onate, A.; Sanhueza, J. P.; Montoya, L. F.; Melendrez, M. F.; Rojas, D.


Two annealing heat treatments were investigated regarding localised corrosion behaviour on Nb and Mn-bearing super austenitic stainless steel. The material was designed based on physical metallurgical principles supported by Thermo-Calc modelling and was produced in an open-air atmosphere based on pre-sorted SS scrap plus ferroalloys elements. The production method aims for metal waste valorisation considering small foundries without an atmosphere-controlled process. Secondary phases at annealing temperatures were experimentally analysed by different microstructural characterisation methods and correlated by the Thermo-Calc modelling. In addition, electrochemical techniques and SKPFM were used to study the relationship between observed phases and localised corrosion performance. As the main results, a good correlation was observed between Thermo-Calc calculations and the microstructural characterisation. In particular, M23C6 carbides, sigma phase, and Nb-MX were identified for the sample treated at 1120 degrees C, while for the sample treated at 1180 degrees C, sigma phase and Nb-MX were identified, no M23C6 were detected. As regards localised corrosion behaviour, the M23C6 carbides and a phase for sample 1120 degrees C generated Cr and Mo depletion zones and diminished the corrosion resistance in corrosive aqueous solutions. In the case of sample 1180 degrees C, the a-phase with a smaller size and volume fraction than sample 1120 degrees C was observed, leading to a more uniform Cr and Mo distribution through the microstructure, obtaining high corrosion resistance and showing promising corrosion behaviour, similar to commercial SS 254smo considering its production in open-air.

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Volumen: 299
Fecha de publicación: 2023


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