Cerium Oxide on a Fluorinated Carbon-Based Electrode as a Promising Catalyst for Hypochlorite Production

Alvarado-Avila, Maria Isabel; Toledo-Carrillo, Esteban; Dutta, Joydeep


Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is widely used as a disinfectant agent for water treatment and surface cleaning. A straightforward way to produce NaOCl is by the electrolysis of an aqueous sodium chloride (NaCl) solution. This process presents several side reactions decreasing its efficiency with hypochlorite reduction on the cathode surface being one of the main detrimental reactions. In this work, we have studied carbon-based electrodes modified with cerium oxide (CeO2), fluorine, and platinum nanoparticles as cathodes for hypochlorite production. Fluorination was carried out electrochemically; the polyol method was used to synthesize platinum nanoparticles; and the hydrothermal process was applied to form a CeO2 layer. Scanning electron microscopy, FTIR, and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) indicated the presence of cerium oxide as a film, fluorine groups on the substrate, and a load of 3.2 mg/cm2 of platinum nanoparticles and 2.7 mg/cm2 of CeO2. From electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, it was possible to demonstrate that incorporating platinum and fluorine decreases the charge transfer resistance by 16% and 28%, respectively. Linear sweep voltammetry showed a significant decrease in hypochlorite reduction when the substrate was doped with fluorine from - 16.6 mA/cm2 at -0.6 V to -9.64 mA/cm2 that further reduced to -8.78 mA/cm2 with cerium oxide covered fluorinated electrodes. The performance of the cathode materials during hypochlorite production improved by 80% compared with pristine activated carbon cloth (ACC) electrodes. The improvement toward hindering NaOCl reduction is probably caused by the incorporation of a partial negative charge upon doping with fluorine.

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