Effect of barium on LSGM electrolyte prepared by fast combustion method for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)

Sepulveda, Erwin; Viswanathan Mangalaraja, Ramalinga; Troncoso, Loreto; Jimenez, Jose; Salvo, Christopher; Sanhueza, Felipe


In this work, La0.85Sr0.15-xBaxGa0.85Mg0.15O3-delta (LSBGM), with 0 = x = 0.075, were prepared as electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells applications. The effect of barium and sintering temperature on the structure and electrical properties was studied. A fast combustion method was used, starting with nitrate salts and citric acid as fuel. The XRD spectra showed two main phases corresponding to LSGM orthorhombic (space group Imma) and LSGM-cubic (space group Pm-3 m). From literature, both structures are reported as high oxygen ion conductive species, but normally, they are not reported to appear together. Major secondary phases were LaSrGaO4, BaLaGaO4, and BaLaGaO7. SEM revealed a material with low porosity, indicating incomplete densification. The sample La0.85Sr0.75Ba0.075Ga0.85Mg0.15O3-delta showed a conductivity of 0.016 and 0.058 S cm(-1) at 600 degrees C and 800 degrees C, respectively. This means an improvement of 34% compared to the non-barium sample La0.85Sr0.15Ga0.85Mg0.15O3-delta at 600 degrees C. Thus, this composition could be used in SOFC.

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