What if the cold days return? Epigenetic mechanisms in plants to cold tolerance

Hereme, Rasme; Galleguillos, Carolina; Morales-Navarro, Samuel; Molina-Montenegro, Marco A.


Main conclusion The epigenetic could be an important, but seldom assessed, mechanisms in plants inhabiting cold ecosystems. Thus, this review could help to fill a gap in the current literature. Low temperatures are one of the most critical environmental conditions that negatively affect the growth, development, and geographic distribution of plants. Exposure to low temperatures results in a suit of physiological, biochemical and molecular modifications through the reprogramming of the expression of genes and transcription factors. Scientific evidence shows that the average annual temperature has increased in recent years worldwide, with cold ecosystems (polar and high mountain) being among the most sensitive to these changes. However, scientific evidence also indicates that there would be specific events of low temperatures, due it is highly relevant to know the capacity for adaptation, regulation and epigenetic memory in the face of these events, by plants. Epigenetic regulation has been described to play an important role in the face of environmental stimuli, especially in response to abiotic stress. Several studies on epigenetic mechanisms have focused on responses to stress as drought and/or salinity; however, there is a gap in the current literature considering those related to low temperatures. In this review, we focus on systematizing the information published to date, related to the regulation of epigenetic mechanisms such as DNA methylation, histone modification, and non-coding RNA-dependent silencing mechanisms, in the face of plant ' s stress due to low temperatures. Finally, we present a schematic model about the potential responses by plants taking in count their epigenetic memory; considering a global warming scenario and with the presence or absence of extreme specific events of low temperatures.

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Título según WOS: What if the cold days return? Epigenetic mechanisms in plants to cold tolerance
Título de la Revista: PLANTA
Volumen: 254
Número: 3
Editorial: Springer
Fecha de publicación: 2021


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