Proof of Concept and Preliminary Validation of an Analytical Model of an Energy Dissipator for Tension Loads with Self-Centering Capacity

Maureira-Carsalade, Nelson; Balboa-Constanzo, Esteban; Sanhueza-Cartes, Marcelo; Sanhueza, Claudio; Nunez, Eduardo; Roco-Videla, Angel


A novel energy dissipation device is proposed to protect structures against dynamic loads. A conceptual model of the device is presented, describing the fundamental components of its operation. This model has a linear elastic element and a frictional damper. The equilibrium equations that lead to the relationship that governs its behavior are proposed. A functional model of the device was built on a 3D printer with PLA filament. Experimental trials were carried out to characterize its elastic component and the coefficient of friction of the damping parts. Proofs of concept load-unload tests were also carried out on the device, subjecting it to cyclical movement sequences. The results of the first two types of tests allowed the parameters of the previously developed analytical model to be calibrated. The results of the load-unload tests were compared with the predictions of the analytical model using the calibrated parameters. Consistency was observed between the experimental and analytical results, demonstrating the basic attributes of the device: self-centering capacity, dissipation capacity and force proportional to the displacement demand. It is concluded that the proposed device has the potential to be used effectively in the protection of structures under dynamic loads.

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Título de la Revista: BUILDINGS
Volumen: 13
Número: 3
Editorial: MDPI
Fecha de publicación: 2023


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